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Now is the Perfect Time to go Whole Food, Plant Based!

Updated: May 25, 2020

One of the biggest challenges of going whole food, plant based is finding the time to get your kitchen organized and cook enough of the foods you want to eat while juggling work or school. With many of us having to stay home and having family around to help, it is the perfect opportunity to make this change

If there is any doubt in your mind as to what the health benefits are of going whole food, plant based, check out the resources at the back of my cookbook and share them with friends and family. Now is a great time to read or listen to books, watch videos, and visit websites. Knowledge is power!

Cooking and baking are also great ways to connect with those we care about most. Try committing to the food plan for the time that you are off work or out of school and see how your health improves. With challenges come opportunities; now is a great time to make these changes.

After all, nothing is more important than your health!

- Elise Lovejoy

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