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Plant-Based Eating in Uncertain Times

With rising food prices especially for meat and dairy, eating more plant-based foods can help your wallet and your health. For example, mushrooms are a delicious and nutritious replacement for beef in The Lovejoy Kitchen mushroom stroganoff, mushroom and bell pepper gyros, veggie burgers and French dip sandwiches. Tofu is a great alternative to eggs in the faux egg salad and the tofu scramble. And chickpeas fill in well in the faux tuna and curried chickpea salad sandwich fillings. Try bagels and other wholesome breads with The Lovejoy Kitchen cream cheeses and top your plant-based pizza with the mozzarella. Enjoy dishes such as The Lovejoy Kitchen bean and cheese quesadillas, nachos, fiesta bean dip, and homemade tortilla chips without lard or other refined oils. And learn to make your own pickles, quinoa, and refried and cooked beans from The Lovejoy Kitchen for pennies on the dollar.

The more you can cook delicious, wholesome, plant-based meals, the more flexibility you will have to navigate rising food prices and limited supplies. The bonus will be the benefits to your health!

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