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Words of Change

Don't Just Take it From Me, Take It From Them

​I am so grateful that there is finally a wholesome, plant-based cookbook with recipes that I like! My wife is a strict vegan. I am not even close, but since she's the cook I have eaten a lot of food that is not very exciting. My wife tried many wholesome, plant-based cookbooks, but when she started making recipes from Elise Lovejoy's book, I was so relieved to have food that I found interesting, and I was thrilled that there were so many desserts and bread options. This cookbook makes it easier for those who are not yet accustomed to wholesome, plant-based eating and helps you not feel deprived.

- Tim K.

I have a husband who is an athlete, raised with healthy eating habits. We have a one-year-old and have made a decision to keep sugar and packaged foods out of her life. There is a nice variety of different and delicious flavors in the recipes in this book that have us enjoying lots of soups and vegetables without getting bored. Thank you for writing it!

- Lexi A.

We have tried most of the recipes from the book. We are thoroughly enjoying the unique recipes and have made some healthy changes in our diet. We are now addicted to the recipes. We also appreciate the in-depth knowledge and research she provides about each dish and ingredients to the readers and food lovers. I am a strong believer in a plant based diet, and she has made it more appealing, yummy and accessible. I can't thank her enough for all she is doing. I wish this knowledge about diet grows and spreads widely to one and all so that everyone can be healthy and happy.

- Veena V.

We’ve had the good fortune of trying many of Elise’s recipes over the past few years as she developed this cookbook. The flavors and textures of her creations satisfy physically and emotionally. Some of my family’s favorites include her mashed potatoes and stuffing with gravy, and the loaded nachos, as well as her tasty desserts! While we do not eat wholesome, plant-based every day, when we want fresh, wholesome meals we always look to Elise’s recipes.

- Liberty G.

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